Other Metaverse Features
In the later phase of the game, players can get your avatar in the first decentralized MOBA AAA game and help you own, play, and control fully from your private key. The portal connected from real life and the metaverse world. Live, collect, build, fight and exploring the new areas in the Last Survivor Metaverse.
Item NFT selling: Players can purchase NFT weapon, accessories…
Land NFT: players can buy/sell land NFT, bidding on providing new custom maps and get profit from it
Chat, talk, role play, team-up with other players to fight against boss event or tournament
Game will provide more use cases for native governance token and in-game utilities token to enrich the in-game economics
The first next generation of Metaverse, governed by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The real power of developing the whole platform was put on players and holders. Community will be the main force to decide the game play, features… of the game
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