Game Mode
Your personal skills and teamwork spirit will play the most important role on Last Survivor gameplay.
Gamer can experience following battle modes:
  • Campaign: All players participating in combat have a single goal of destroying all enemies and becoming the only Fighter left.
  • Arena: there will be 20, 30 or 40 players (based on different maps) joining the battle. After a short period, a fire ring-shaped borderline will appear and start closing in, trapping everyone inside. Whoever staying outside it gets eliminated. All the players have the same mission. Destroy others to become the last to survive.
  • Solo/Duo/Squad battle: there will be 1vs1 , 2vs2, 3vs3. All the players have the same mission. Destroy other teams to claim the rewards.
  • Custom battle: Players can create their own battle with rules to play with their friends:
+ Team battle (5-5): players are split into 2 teams and the goal is to destroy the enemies’ base building. Skill selection for each team will last 30 seconds and each players can choose maximum 3 skills.
+ Map customize and creation: User can create map and lease it for income.
+ NFT design from players: Players can create their own NFT Fighter and sell it on market (skill will be chosen from a skill pool).
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