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    Ranking: Last Survivor will introduce a system that ranks players based on the trophies/achievement rewards they collect in matches. With ranking, players can match with other ones with similar playing skill so this will result in improving battle quality. Ranking also helps others recognize top player's achievements.
  2. 2.
    Leaderboard: is a system that ranks players in the game based on their achievements. Leaderboards will help increase competitiveness among players and create exciting challenges for them to overcome.
  3. 3.
    Guild: are self- managed organizations created by the players. The guild helps to increase the connection between the players. Guild leaders will provide quests, missions that require the efforts of all members to support the guild's growth and earn valuable rewards. Guild battle features will be updated in the future‌
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    Battle Pass: is the key reward system of each Season (one season lasts 2-3 months). The Battle Pass provides players with many valuable rewards, helping them gain strength to achieve a higher Rank in the season. As the reward system representing a Season, the Battle Pass will include Season-specific rewards such as new heroes, new skins, avatars, etc.