Last Survivor will have many different types of Fighters. Each Fighter will have a special skill and have health, damage and speed stats unique to that Fighter's class. Players will have to improve their gaming skills and be the last Fighter to survive in the Last Survivor arena.
There are two kinds of Fighter:
  • Free Fighter: All players who enter the game for the first time can own one of the 3 Fighters without paying a fee. You can still play and interact with all other players. And more importantly, you can still receive tokens when you reach a certain rank
  • Elite Fighter can be obtained from buying Fighter chest (rarity ranging from normal to mythical).
Each Fighter will possess a unique skill and unique weapons, creating different gameplay. You will need to know the elements of each character when playing to control and make the most of their abilities.
In the first version, there will be four main classes including:
  • Destroyer
  • Tanker
  • Flashman
  • Harmony
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